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From Sandi and James-Bella Has Passed

This is not the update I wanted to write after today's doctor visit, but . . .

Our angel-baby has flown. Sometime within the last few days, Faith Isabella decided this world was not for her and returned to God.

We are waiting for the doctor's office to call back and let us know about starting the procedure to induce labor - they won't give me a c-section unless the labor induction doesn't work. It is major abdominal surgery, after all, and since there is obviously no danger to the baby, it's considered too risky for me.

At this time we don't have any arrangements for the funeral, although we are sure that we will be having one. She was here, she mattered, and I want her remembered. She drew the whole world together in prayer, and people who have lived for decades can't say they have done something that wonderful in their lives! How awesome is God that He let her accomplish so much, in so little time!

At this point we vary between numb and hysterical, with a short sidetrip to laughter now and then due to some of the medical stuff they have to do to induce the labor. Please keep us in your prayers. Although we knew the predicted outcome, we just weren't prepared for it.

I will post again when we know more about the timeline. My most fervent wish is that all who can come to her funeral do so - please, I need to see how many people she impacted, to know for sure that she was here for a reason, and that she accomplished something wonderful.

Thank you so much for all your prayers, thoughts, hopes and wishes. You will never know how much strength you gave us, and how much we appreciate all of you.

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