james_01 (james_01) wrote in christiangop,

Update on Baby Bella

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you have no doubt noticed that I have not written anything about the baby lately. Sadly, there has been a reason for that, which up until now, we have not shared with anyone other than our close friends.

Recently, the baby (who is a girl, Faith Isabella) tested positive for a rare chromosomal condition known as trisomy 13. The doctors say that the chances of her carrying the child to term are slim, and even if she does, that the baby will likely be stillborn or only live for a few days.

However, there is good news. Sandi's latest exams show that Bella has a good, strong heartbeat and is growing at the rate she should be. Plus, Sandi is now into her second trimester. This is really a huge goal, because a lot of Trisomy 13 babies miscarry in the first trimester.

Friends, God is a God of miracles, and we covet your fervent prayers during this time. Please pray for our family, for strength and knowledge for Sandi and me, for wisdom for the doctors, and for a healthy life for Bella. Please also share this with your churches and any prayer chains you may be involved in. Thank you so much for helping us through this time. Never were people more appreciated than each of you.

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