cyberknight76 (cyberknight76) wrote in christiangop,

Redefining cowardice.

It looks as if the Democrats are trying to replace the word "retreat" with "redeploy" and they are all on board. Over the last few days in various media outlets the terms "withdraw" , "remove", and "retreat" have been replaced by "redeploy". But while the word has been changed, the message that will be sent to our enemies will be loud and clear.

Today democrats voted a large sum of money for Iraq, but there were so many strings attached to the money that the true agenda was quite obvious. "Retreat... Er.. Redeployment begins March 2008".

Avoiding a strict and specific timeline is something that military analysts have been saying since the beginning, and even amid the news on liberal media channels that Iraqi's are happy to have US soldiers there, the surge in troop strength IS working, and the Iraq government is fulfilling their promises, the house Dem's were still determined to have their way.

ABC news, not exactly known for right wing, conservative thoughts on the war reported today that this would be "an ugly fight (for the democrats)"

The president responded to this all by stating "Equally important to funding our troops is giving our commanders the flexibility to carry out their missions, without undue interference from politicians in Washington" And I agree with him. Let's hope his VETO PEN has ink in it.

The ABC news version of this story can be found here.
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